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May. 27th, 2010

Coy o'Teas Logo

Coyoteas.com is still alive

Hello, friends, I know it's been awhile. I haven't been blogging because things have been so quiet. The downturn in the economy has dampened sales, possibly because "gourmet tea" is considered a luxury item, and so many folks are having trouble buying just the essentials.

Not to fear, though, CoyoTeas.com is still here. This past November I renewed our domain name for another five years. We're looking at upgrading the shopping cart in our site, and there's even a phone number where you can leave a message:


That's the phone number for our parent company, Dreaming Gates, but rest assured all messages regarding tea will come to me. :3

Take care, all.

~A.M. Coy

Nov. 27th, 2009

Coy o'Teas Logo


Hello, all, I thought this might be a good time to mention my tea-related book: Tea-Leaf Reading for the Terminally Curious. It is a tongue-in-cheek approach to tea-leaf reading for the beginner with a sense of humor.

Book -> http://stores.lulu.com/amcoy <-

^ click to see the book. It's fun, sort of silly, and it doesn't cost a lot. ;-)

Jan. 18th, 2007

Coy o&#39;Teas Logo

Product Changes

Our distributors seem to have trouble keeping the 5-pack of charcoal in stock, so for the time being we're dropping that item off the website. Not to worry, though--the 10-pack is still available for all your incense- and resin-burning needs!

Also, unfortunately our main supplier keeps raising their prices. For the time being, some of our accessories (like the Empress Room Tea Strainer) have undergone a price increase. We're stubborn about keeping affordable prices, though, so you won't see this happen much.

We're also trying out a larger-diameter tea-ball to see if it works better. (We're keeping the same price, though.) Feel free to give feedback!

Jan. 16th, 2007

Coy o&#39;Teas Logo

Website Improvement

Hello folks! The website needed some pizzazz so we've added spiffy new category title-images. No more guessing which category you're looking at, or wandering aimlessly around the website! (Assuming you were doing that before, which... probably not.)

Anyway there are brand new happy labels to identify each category and subcategory. Go check 'em out!

Jan. 11th, 2007

Coy o&#39;Teas Logo

New Products

Is it a drug bust? No! It's Mint! Is it a drug bust? No! It's Mint!
1 oz. baggies of Spearmint and Peppermint lay piled and ready to go at the customers' calls. New product for 2007! :3

Nov. 1st, 2006

Coy o&#39;Teas Logo

New Products

Once again, we are pleased to offer some great new flavors. Check out:
Chocolate Mint and Monk's Blend tea.


  • Chocolate Mint is a very good, balanced blend of chocolate and mint flavors. With some brands the mint can overpower the tea, but this is an excellent balance. There is also a smooth quality from added flower petals and natural flavors. You have to try this.

  • Monk's Blend is sweet, rich, creamy and fruity. It has grenadine (think: the sweet syrup they put into cola at bars to make it "cherry cola") and a warm creamy quality that's undeniably delicious.

Aug. 8th, 2006

Coy o&#39;Teas Logo

New Products

We have a tremendous selection of brand new, handmade jewelry. Here's the link to the jewelry page: http://coyoteas.dreaminggates.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=1_7

Check out the aventurine-bead necklaces and the brand new pendants. Everything has a nature theme, following along with our business motif.

Jun. 1st, 2006

Coy o&#39;Teas Logo

New Product

Some great new tastes are on the way. We're excited to offer: Blueberry and Fruit Punch tea.


  • Blueberry contains the very strong flavor of fresh blueberries mixed with excellent quality tea. The scent is so strong, you may want to store it away from your other teas! So good.

  • Fruit Punch is a delicious, caffeine-free blend of herbs and fruit that makes an excellent hot drink (we can't say "tea" because technically the mixture has no actual tea). It has a great deal of taste, far more than one might expect from an herbal fruit tea.

Feb. 1st, 2006

Coy o&#39;Teas Logo

New Products

Oh yeah! We've got some great new flavors to add to our collection. We're pleased to offer: Apple, Buttered Rum, and Genmaicha tea.


  • Apple has a surprisingly fresh, juicy quality like a mixture of red and green apples.

  • Buttered Rum has a mixture of sweetness, creaminess, and piquant rum taste.

  • Genmaicha is a traditional Japanese tea, made with dry Sencha green tea leaf and mildly-roasted rice kernels. Some people call this the "popcorn tea" because the rice sometimes bursts when heated, taking on the appearance of popped corn.

Dec. 1st, 2005

Coy o&#39;Teas Logo

New Products

We are pleased to offer our first jewelry items, some lovely pewter necklaces with wolf or coyote images. Click to see...

Moonhowling Pendant (or the same, with chain)

Wolf Mask Pendant

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