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Website Upgrade

Major changes to the website. Details below...

Long Story:

The hosting company pulled a surprise forced-upgrade on me: all SQL 4 databases are being deleted, and must be converted manually to SQL 5. This involves creating new SQL 5 databases, dumping the SQL 4 contents into them, then checking the entries to make sure the conversion went okay (a change of charsets was part of the process). On top of that, because the shopping cart is not compatible with SQL 5, it required major upgrades to the PHP code. So while I was in there, I fixed not only the code which accesses the database, but also brought the code up to the latest release version, line by line. No automatic upgrader. That's what I get for being cheap and using an open-source shopping cart. Yay.

Short Story (a.k.a. English Translation):

My hosting company changed stuff. That broke my shopping cart. It took me 3 days to fix it. I made big changes. And I don't know if I've found all the problems.

If anyone would like to help me test the site, I will give 10% off your next (actual) order.

All you have to do is:

1.) Use the site, look at different sections, make sure they load. No weird "syntax errors" or "unable to access database" stuff.

2.) Play with your address book & account information. Maybe add a shipping address, delete one, change your info. Make sure that the changes stick.

3.) Send in 2-3 fake orders with "TEST" in the comments section. In order to make the purchase go all the way through, you can select "check/money order" for your payment, or if you trust me, just finish the transaction through Paypal. I will refund any money you spend on tests. Absolutely. Coyote's honor.

Please post ANY bugs you find, here in the comments section.

Thank you, from one exhausted Coyotea. I mean, coyote.


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February 2019

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