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New Products & Catalog Updates

While going through and updating prices, I uncovered a handful (or pawful?) of new flavors. These are now included in the "special order" section. Here they are:

    NEW Special Order 500g

  • Ginger Green Tea - Pan-fired quality sencha tea blended with real ginger pieces lends a clean bite to this tea

  • Genmaicha Green Tea - Cut, torn, and curled style. Bright and coppery taste combines luxurious green tea leaf with the distinctive toasty rice of genmaicha. Great with or without milk. Contains premium green tea, toasted rice, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, coriander, cloves, black pepper

  • Angel Falls Mist Fruit & Herb Blend - Strawberry and lemon combine for this sweet, tangy tea. Bold, bright with sweet fruity strawberry flavor, and a slight tart quality. Contains with a touch of apple, hibiscus, rose hip, orange, and calendula petals. Great hot or iced.

  • Bumblefruit Fruit & Herb Blend - Bright and energetic, a lively tea with plenty of flavor. Contains natural dried apple, rosehips, hibiscus, orange, cornflower, rose petals, blackberry leaves, and natural flavors. Great hot or iced.

  • Pina Colada Carmen Miranda Fruit & Herb Blend - A tropical blend of exactly what you expect from a pina colada: pineapple, tropical fruit, and coconut. Also contains dried apple, hibiscus, rosehips. Great hot or iced.

  • "Shanghai Lichee Jasmine" Flavored Green Tea

  • "Jasmine Golden Flower" Exotic Tea

  • "Formosa Oolong Superfancy" Exotic Tea scratch that; I found it again :)

    Prices Lowered:
  • "Star of China" Artisan Exotic Tea

  • "Darjeeling White Tips" Exotic White Tea

Also, I corrected a few minor description errors in the catalog, like descriptions of green tea as black, etc.


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